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Great experience

Ozizo, you’ve taken my workouts to the next level! The perfect blend of function and style. Cheers to healthy choices!

~ Grace Wellness

Anti Dust Cap

The lid is specially designed to shield the spout, ensuring that no unwanted particles make their way into your drink.

Lockable Lid

Enjoy secure sipping with our lockable lid feature. This innovative design ensures a leak-proof seal, providing peace of mind during travel or vigorous activities.

Flip Top Lid

Designed for easy one-handed operation, the flip top lid ensures quick access to your drink without unscrewing or removing the entire cap.

Sip Through Lid

Experience seamless sipping with our innovative sip-through lid.

Straw Lid

Designed for hassle-free hydration, the straw lid allows you to effortlessly enjoy your favorite drinks without the need to tilt the bottle.

Carry Loop

Simplify your hydration routine with this versatile loop, designed for easy portability


The ergonomically designed handle on our tumblers redefines convenience. Crafted for comfort and functionality, it provides a secure grip, making it effortless to carry your favorite beverage on the go.


Designed for clump-free perfection, this innovative feature ensures a silky-smooth blend every time.

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